Frequently ask questions (FAQ). Most of the question you have might be answered here. If not, please do contact us directly for more assistance.


All pricing is in Malaysian Ringgit (RM).
Do you Ship Worldwide?
Yes we do, anywhere in the World!
Estimated time for delivery?
For shipping time, it is estimated around 2-3 Days within Malaysia and 7-14 Days Internationally depends on the area.
Payment can be made via credit card, online banking transactions via SenangPay or Paypal. Once the payment has been cleared, your purchase shall be shipped instantly.
Placing and Order
You can purchase directly from our website or instagram page via whatsapp. All goods sold on both platforms share the same SKU code.
Upon shipment of the goods, you shall be provided a tracking number where you can check directly from the URL
My Batik has small brown soil like marks, what are they?
The process of making the batik involves wax, sometimes these wax may be overseen by our QC staff. Nevertheless, it is harmless and can easily be washed off with water.
My Batik is defective, can I return it?
Yes. All defective items can be returned with proper procedure by providing proof and contacting our QC team at our Email:, or Office Phone: +60173389925
Do you have a shop or somewhere I can see the pieces in person?
We are currently in the planning stage for our Official Shop and pop-up stores all over Malaysia, bare with us and we will try to deliver by the year 2019.